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Container Cargo Handling Services

Nam Hai Dinh Vu Port holds a major role in the VICONSHIP Group’s integrated port and logistics ecosystem. By capitalizing on the advantageous geographical position, vast magnitude, and modern machinery, NDP Port also establishes a seamless connection with VIP GREEN PORT (VGP), thereby providing an all-encompassing logistics solution.

CY Services

NDP Port offers customers swift, secure, and convenient 24/7 delivery services. OurOperating team equipped with (08) RTG cranes, (15) Terbergh tractors, (03) Reach Stackers and modern transport vehicles. Together with real-time operating software systems, this enables us to streamline loading, unloading, and freight delivery times.

Electronic Port (E-Port)

Application of Information Technology (IT) software for operational management. Integration for electronic data exchange with Shipping companies, Consignees, and Customs. Implementation of e-Port services and online payment to streamline customs clearance.

Container Maintenance and Repair

Depot and container repair workshop providing inspection, cleaning, repair, and maintenance services, including Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) for refrigerated containers.

Electronic Weighing

NDP equips 02 electronic weighing devices with a capacity of 120 tons at the port gate area, facilitating the expeditious flow of goods.